Many companies based in Dubai are seeking to expand their operations to various other markets in the world in the coming year in order to grow their headcounts.

Around 74 per cent of companies are now pursuing new markets in export according to a survey conducted by Citi banks with the help of YouGov. These companies that were surveyed said that they wish to expand into international offices and want to target export markets that will help them grow their businesses in the coming years. These results indicate that Dubai is a good place to conduct business.

66 per cent of people who part took in the survey said that they expect their businesses headcount to grow in the years to come.

Many Dubai based businesses also said when asked which market would be the most ideal to expand in, many said that they prioritise in finding a skilled workforce, political stability, and ease of doing business.

82 per cent of companies in the survey said that they were quiet confident about their economic future over the next two years. Many were also hopeful about the economic prospects of the Asia Pacific and the Middle East regions however they were very doubtful about Europe.
They survey was answered online and included 290 mid-market companies from Dubai, Istanbul, London and Moscow. These companies that were surveyed had a turnover from $50 million to $1 billion.